45 + Lifestyle Tips in Hindi – How We Should Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle



Lifestyle Tips in Hindi – How We Should Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
Lifestyle Tips in Hindi

The hardest thing in life is to remain simple, balanced, but it is not impossible. If you make some small things a part of your daily routine and life and make it a habit, then life will not only look better, but it will also become healthy. Here we are giving such tips, which will make your life.

Lifestyle Tips in Hindi - Health Tips

1.Do not give advice to others unnecessarily to prove yourself very knowledgeable. Instead of giving advice, listen to their problem, understand and help as much as you can.

2. Always keep your thinking and approach positive and progressive. Do not interact much with negative thinkers.

3. Make a habit of sleeping early at night and wake up early in the morning as well.

4. Do light exercise and have a healthy breakfast.

5. Never bring the office home. The pressure there, leave the tension there and leave it there. Enjoy with your family.

6. Update your to-do list daily, that is, make a list of all the work you have to do during the day.

7. Always eat food by chewing it comfortably, it will be good for your health and digestive power.

8. Develop Reading Habit i.e. read a good book, good literature every day. This will not only increase your knowledge, but will also increase your creativity by making you positive.

9. Do read the newspaper or watch the news, so that your information is updated.

10. While sitting, keep in mind that do not sit with legs crossed, this creates a blockage in blood circulation, which causes back pain, back pain, besides varicose veins and spider veins.

11. It would be better if you sit with your ankles crossed instead of your knees.

12. Don't wear too many high heels. Wearing heels more than 2 inches can be harmful to your health.

13. Do not work on computer continuously, it affects the eyes, shoulders and neck. Take breaks in between. Close your eyes for a few seconds and relax by rolling your neck and shoulders.

14. Don't always be busy on your mobile. When with family or going for a walk etc., it would be better to switch off the mobile.

15. Take care of hygiene. From oral to personal hygiene, it is very important not only for your personality but also for good health.

16. Wash hands with soap before eating food and also before preparing food.

17. Keep hands or handkerchief while coughing and sneezing.

18. Do not forget to brush before sleeping.

19. There should be good ventilation in the house. Keep the windows open during the day, so that there is fresh air and plenty of light. Use AC only when needed and also get it cleaned from time to time

20. Stop interrupting everything or spotting other's mistakes. This will increase your irritability and people will consider you a negative person.

21. Do not remain sluggish throughout the day on holidays and do not stick to TV or computer.
Spend time with family. Go for a walk somewhere Have a conversation. Give time to children.

22. While messaging, people often read or type messages on the phone by bowing their necks, but this method is wrong. This puts strain on the neck and can cause pain.

23. Eat less junk food. Not only does it increase obesity, but it also contains cancer-causing elements.

24. Often people use their hair pin, pen or pencil to clean the ear, although it can be dangerous. The safest way is to clean the ear by wrapping a towel on the little finger or use ear drops.

25. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep your weight under control. If you are obese, pay attention to the risk factors associated with it, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke or heart disease.

26. Every person's need and body clock is different, plan diet and exercise accordingly. Plan your diet for a week and make a chart.

27. Reduce the amount of saturated fats and trans fats from your diet. Cut down on red meat, dairy products, fried and baked foods, candies and processed foods.

28. Take different proteins. You will find these in beans, nuts, seeds, tofu, soy products. Make sure to take calcium rich foods like milk, buttermilk and curd. Apart from this, green leafy vegetables are also a good source of calcium.

29. Avoid over eating. Always eat little less than hunger. Often we eat more on seeing our favorite food, but don't do that.

30. Do not eat too many pain killers. Often we eat any painkiller as soon as we have a headache or body ache, which can be harmful. It would be better to try a home remedy or consult a doctor.

31. Get a massage on weekends. This will also relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation.

32. Plan a holiday and go to an out station, because changing the air and water not only refreshes you, but also reduces stomach related diseases.

33. Keep getting health checkups done regularly. Sometimes diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure go undiagnosed for years.
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34. Put rose water in the eyes at night or keep cotton swabs soaked in rose water on the eyes. It removes eye fatigue

35. It is impossible to keep everyone happy at the same time. If you think that some people dislike you despite your best efforts, then that is their problem. Don't blame yourself for this and learn to be happy. Understand this very well that not everyone can be kept happy at the same time.

36. It is foolish to stress about things that are out of your control, such as if you leave home on time, but the train or bus is late or there is heavy traffic, heavy rain or any other reason, then it is delayed. Do not take stress, because it is not in your control and it is not your fault either.

37. Never feel inferior after seeing someone else's progress or happiness. There must be many people in the world who have more success and money than you. Be assured that you are doing your work with hard work.

38. Cultivate the spirit to live every moment of life to the fullest. Always complaining about life will not change the situation, but your misery will only increase. In such a situation, the good moments you have in life will also be snatched away from you. Better enjoy them.

39. If you have a habit of getting sympathy by being dramatic, then pay attention to improving it immediately. Many people exaggerate their personal life, their illness and domestic problems in front of everyone and think that this will get people's sympathy. While these people make fun of this habit behind their back, because these problems belong to everyone, but not everyone makes them a means of getting attention.

40. Don't make one assumption about people. Nor weigh everyone in the same scale. Every situation is different and people react differently in different situations. Do not accept the same point of view as correct by keeping only one thing in your mind.

41. Don't take everything to heart and don't take it personally. Learn to tolerate jokes too, otherwise you will be known as a negative person and people will think its better to stay away from you.

42. Don't stick to the past. Always think ahead.

43. Avoid lying. Many people give their false praise or even lie in relationships, which can spoil your relationship in the future as well as change people's opinion about you. No one will trust you.

44. Accept the fact that you are not perfect and you can also make mistakes. Admit your mistake and learn to say sorry too.

45. Try to improve yourself everyday. There is something to learn from everyone. Learn from others and also from your mistakes and try to make yourself a better person.

46. ​​Focus on your qualities and hobbies. Bring your positive things in front of people.

47. Always be ready to help others. With this your self-confidence will also increase and there will be satisfaction in your mind.

48. Sometimes pampering yourself is good too. Take out time for yourself. Take a vacation and spend the whole day at your own pace. Go for a walk, shop or watch a movie. This will refresh you.

49. Not everyone gets everything in life. Instead of crying for what you didn't get, appreciate what you got.

50. Do not give advice to others unnecessarily to prove yourself to be very knowledgeable. Instead of giving advice, listen to their problem, understand and help as much as you can.


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